Near Death Experiences

As I stand alone at the window
In search for what I cannot see
I wonder to what might show
Some of you or all about me.

This poem is a guest submission to my blog.  It was written by an old high school friend who, almost nine years ago, had a freak, totally sober accident with a patio door that, when it broke, nearly severed his arm.  He almost bled to death in front of his family.  How completely scary that at any moment, anything could happen to any of us.  Al explained to me that he had to learn to write with his other hand.  He said the body is an amazing machine.  Don’t I know it, Al.  Our bodies do so much for us and walk us on this Earth.  Al said he didn’t start writing poetry because of the accident, but, that his poetry became much deeper and intuitive because of it. Here’s his poem.

A Poem By:   Allan Edward (Po Po) Kinsella

 S E A R C H I N G – H I D I N G  B E H I N D  O F  M Y S E L F

As I stand all alone at the window

In search for what I cannot see

I wonder to what might show

Some of you or all about me.

I often will hide what I’m thinking

Or disguise it with something else

When in reality it is simple

I’m hiding behind of myself.

The sun and the moon I do turn too

For answers I simply can’t find

The thoughts and tears of a lifetime

Once left in a time way behind.

I realize the answers not out there

Not found in the moments gone by

To find them I need to stop searching

And look in the mirror inside.

Al in high school

So, lately, I was looking through some old yearbooks and came across this adorable picture of Al. An old friend from high school in a place three provinces away.  I always liked Al.  Everyone likes Al.  Such an easy going, nice person.  Because I reached out to him, due to this picture, he is now going to bring out his poetry to be read by others.

You GO Al!

Leave a comment about your near death experience (or one from someone close to you).  Did it change you?  Did you learn something?  Tell me…I love it!

6 thoughts on “Near Death Experiences

    1. Thank you Sandeep. But may I call you ‘fern’ 🌿? I have several travel posts including India 🇮🇳 , Nepal 🇳🇵 , Australia 🇦🇺 , Canada 🇨🇦, Central America and more. I invite you to take a look and I encourage to follow your dream!


  1. Nice poem! He has an ability for it! About death experience, well, one friend of mine has had to fight cancer. He was at school when he knew about his diagnosis. The doctors said that he has not so many chances to overcome the disease, albeit he has never given up, and he won that losing battle with cancer. Now, however, he has a steel bone, but at least he can walk, and he has his leg.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, both yes and no. Now he has become a little weird. Started smoking, doing such thing, he has never done before this. Maybe this was because he was a professional boxer, but because of this injury he has to leave the sport.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It must be very difficult for him. New leg. No boxing. Sounds like he is reacting to his new situation. Hopefully he will seek help, if he needs it. Hopefully he will get back on track. Your friendship will be challenged through this.

        Liked by 1 person

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