While Sitting At Your Grave

Though things we knew not how
When it was clear and loud
I hope you’re watching now
I hope we do you proud….
~Allen Kinsella

Guest writer Al Kinsella…

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago on a Nov 6th. Today would have been my father’s birthday. It would always require a visit to the cemetery where I do a ton of thinking. Well it’s that day again today – he has been gone for 6 years now and here is a poem I wrote in 2015 while sitting at his grave.


I thought of you today

I know you’re no longer here

Had so much left to say

I say in thoughts and tears


The more I think things different

The more they just don’t change

I find I’m more and more like you

is it funny or is it strange?


Though things we knew not how

When it was clear and loud

I hope you’re watching now

I hope we do you proud


Not a day goes by I don’t realize

You would never not bother

I think of you daily to my surprise

Happy Birthday Dad my Father


Although on this special day

when you are not here to celebrate

Watch over us and pray

And make our worlds illuminate!





Photo by me (not Al)

8 thoughts on “While Sitting At Your Grave

  1. Thank you for your heart felt message. I have lost dear family members and friends and how I miss them! Your poem again brought to my mind the blessing I was given in their lives. I have a poppy portrait and it is my reminder of all the great great souls that have gone before me!
    Thanks again Marti for this post!

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    1. We will never forget them and yes they were true blessings to us as they helped to shape and mold the people we have become.
      Thank you for reading and it is lovely to read your touching comments~


    1. It is important to know that you’re not alone in your grief. Anyone with a heart has been there too. Expression of your grief helps others to make sense of it in their own lives. Thanks George and sorry for your loss.


      1. Sure, Martha. Years ago, I wrote a short essay reflecting on our good friend Matt passing away. I can share that with you to share on your blog, if you want to. On December 1st it will be 15 years since Matt departed. Morris, Al, Jim O and I are going to visit his grave site and raise a glass in his honour. Hopefully we can facetime with Jim D from there, as well. We can also share some pictures and comments of that visit with you to add this or post separately. You’ll likely see it on Facebook…

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      2. This would be ideal, Eric. It is still hard to believe that Matt went so young. We started kindergarten together and were friends until his passing. Please share your essay through messenger and I will post it. Thank you 🙏


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