Trying Art

I went to Chester Nova Scotia for an art lesson with the lovely Emma Fitzgerald, artist and author of several books. I picked up so many cool tips and encouragements. Let the art come out. Talk to yourself like a friend. Don’t worry too much about perspective. (In fact I’m pretty sure Emma said to ignore perspective.) I loved to hear these gentle encouragements. I felt completely comfortable in this class. Unjudged. Unhurried. Lifted up.

Here are some simple works I have done since.

Shedding some light on cool ways to express myself
A pretty tree on a gorgeous Valley day with an old friend
The view when the tide is out is ever changing. This time the water appeared red and orange
My front door. (Maybe wouldn’t paint the window black next time.) I’d like to think my house is a bit more welcoming than this. It is!
I enjoy taking liberties with colour: Our car is actually blue. Our roof is actually grey.

Thanks for joining me on this little adventure into watercolour and ink.

A Wolfville trail with lupines all showy

10 thoughts on “Trying Art

  1. Hello madame artiste. I love the purple roof on the house, and I like all the paintings, and love the color. I need to know – is this your very first time painting ?

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    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you so much for visiting and for commenting. Besides painting in grade 9 art class a bit, nope, never painted before.


    1. Everyday brings opportunity to learn. I remember a big sis who would be constantly teaching me about kindness and empathy…and she still is. Thanks for being here, Annie.


    1. Thank you. It is wonderful to receive your comment. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful art workshop that just basically spoke to me.


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