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“Write the stories of the mountains you have climbed. They may become a page in someone else’s survival handbook.”

This blog is ninety-nine percent memoir made up of personal essays and anecdotes by me, Martha Valiquette, the one and only. If you wish to contact me, my email is: .

What you can expect to find here are a variety of stories sprinkled with the odd swear word about many things: challenges; choices; funny occurrences;  rants; loves; embarrassing moments; stuff that moves, frustrates or saddens me. There are stories from all over Canada, The Canadian Army; Military College; growing up on a lake in the summer at a place we call the Camp. First jobs, adventures, heart-break, family life and even mental illness. Travel in Central America with our then four-year old, Australia adventures, India and trekking in Nepal.  There are currently (Sep 2021) about ninety stories on this blog.

The stories are listed in the decade to which they pertain, for example ‘the 80s’ as well as some other category for example: ‘I’m In the Army Now’; Mental Illness or Funny or ‘Those were the Days my Friend’.

A word about photos on this blog:

Some are my very own.  Some of the best are from my eldest sister and a few are from friends. The header photo of the daisies is from my sister Eva.  She says:

cropped-daisy.jpg‘I am happy to share this picture that was taken in 2004.  There was a never seen before, and never since, daisy showing that year.  All the open land spaces were filled with daisies. They covered the fields like a white, shimmering blanket.  Here is a shot that came from that time.’

11 thoughts on “Info & Contact & Categories

  1. I would love to read the debates of your students!

    Arden, from my point of view, ’45’ is/was worse than garbage. He is/was dangerous and he polluted the world. I am simply relieved that the news these days is not overrun with crap about Trump and his nauseated every nuance and poor vocabulary. A little quiet from south of the border is fine by me. However, I get most of my news from CBC radio and The Guardian Weekly publication.

    Oprah, if that is who you are referring to…well, hot and cold for me. She has lived in opulence now for decades. Brilliant business woman who rose from abuse and a broken home to be one of the wealthiest women in the world. That is an accomplishment. I really try to not notice or mention skin colour ever, except as a descriptor. It’s just skin. Our Earth suit. We all have one. (I mention a degree of separation to her in my funny story ‘A Butter Tart and a Kiss’ which I would love you to read, Arden).

    The Royals are privileged entities whom I have very little interest in, personally. I did LOVE Diana though. She seemed to have true causes – like landmine clearing – that I could feel proud of, as a woman, not to mention and a very sweet wardrobe. That was so long ago though.

    I love your comments and love you little brother. I am so happy to see you on my blog and feel a very lovely connection. Thank you and have a wonderful day. From the East coast to the West.


  2. I just loved your stories about your posting to Germany 😊 and the trip across Canada. It feels special to read about you and John and your life together. You are very lucky to have each other.

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