Coming from a large family brings many memories and consequently stories.  On this page is a list of my family members, by pseudonym, with years of birth. Not all stories include these ‘team players’ but all stories are true and are about me or connected to me through family or friendship (guest submissions) and these are the people I come from…

Mom, 1930 – 2001, Dad, 1929 – 2013, Eva, 1954, Amy, 1955, Matt, 1956, Mark, 1960, Jobe, 1963, MMV (me), 1966, Luke, 1969

Each of the seven children in my family were born in a different place ranging from Detroit Michigan to Burks Falls, Kitchener, Barrie and Oshawa Ontario. Imagine having seven๏ฟผ children and moving and setting up in seven different locales plus moving to the camp every summer. I’m gonna guess mom wasn’t binge-watching Netflix, ever.๏ฟผ


Matt (not impressed with this photo-taking, obviously); Amy, Mom, Eva, Jobe, Mark, Dad, Luke (in arms), Me (I’m the little one at the front with one bent knee).  This photo was taken at The Camp in about 1971 in Ontario, Canada.

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