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Most stories are listed to the right (or below) with a link and every story is organized into categories: Funny; Travel; Memories; Mental Illness; Grief; Army; Harmful. The stories are also listed by decade from the 1960s up to the 2020s.

There are now 100 stories here…

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(photos – feature photo is of my son at Kedji beach side annex National Park in 2016 and the one of me twirling was taken by my brilliant and talented niece TMB  before a dance at Gaspereau Community Hall, Nova Scotia in 2015)

4 thoughts on “List of Stories & Categories

  1. Thanks for posting that photo MM of Allendale camp and why Allendale camp is the only name it will be for me. That’s one Golden Age photo of the unbroken family during the original Trudeau and rapidly diminishing Nixon era. The age of the ‘hippie’ was almost gone. I have that day locked away. I was called the “Stomp” by Annie’s first boyfriend D.G. The ephemeral aspect of family life is captured here. Ironically, an illusion of permanence was only felt during the time. The decade was actually one of incredibly massive change and often violent transitions overseas we were mostly oblivious to in our Muskoka mind-set. I look forward to reading your posts much more. Stay safe and warm in NS as another spring knocks on the door.

    One last point, I hope this scourge that has hit our planet is over soon. In Japan, years before the pandemic, I wore a medical mask on the subway and at various places to not spread the common flu to others during the flu season. In fact, Canadians and Americans that are denying this plague have to realize this will be an endemic reality if we do not use common sense at this time. If we do the right action now the future will be much better. “Even this too shall pass…” if we follow a few rules now. I personally clean my mobile on a daily basis, wear clean and proper medical masks out in public and wash hands often. Another fact, many places on the planet have very low virus counts because they followed the rules and protected the borders. Australia proved it. I remind you Canada has 850K plus cases and I just spoke with a person overseas that does not have any cases at all in their reality. We should focus more on the pandemic and the future world being livable than on the complexion of a spoilt American B-actress and wayward prince’s child. Have a safe and productive day!

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    1. I am so pleased that you are reading and commenting Arden. So nice to have your perspective as we made and shared so many incredible memories back in the day.
      I think facemasks will always be a part of our lives now. Just heard on CBC radio that the flu, as in influenza, is almost nonexistent this year due to the wearing of facemasks, distancing and handwashing.
      There is a story about Annie’s boyfriends called Amy’s Men. I don’t recall you being called the Stomp. Interesting!
      Thanks again for reading and keep commenting. Love you!


  2. I am happy you started on the arduous adventure of autobiographical writing. Well done MP. Your use of pictures proves to be a relevant complement to your memoirs.

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