The King of Korea

For a couple of years in a row, we did this thing: we took in a boy from Korea for the month of January and the next year we took in he and his little brother.  Charlie and Joshua were something else (can you say, high maintenance?) and I have to say, when we finally said [...]

Boquete, Panama – a place of firsts

By the time we reached Boquete, we were done.  There had been many legs to this journey from Costa Rica, but at least now we had arrived into the eternal springtime that is Boquete. It was February 2004, our third month of overland travel as we rolled into Boquete in Panama's Green Mountain Highlands, the [...]

The Loss of Dane💔, part 1

Like a baby, stillborn, like a beast with his horn I have torn everyone who reached out for me. But I swear by this song and by all that I have done wrong I will make it all up to thee. Leonard Cohen Bird on a Wire

La Cucaracha Report – Honduras ðŸ‡­ðŸ‡³

Our stay in the paradise of West Bay, Roatan gets a little scary when our four-year old gets sick….

La Cucaracha Report from Nicaragua ðŸ‡³ðŸ‡®

We regretfully leave our sweet cabana on Roatan for a day of overland travel on ferry, chicken bus and taxi to find a sweet hostel with a peaceful and friendly courtyard in Granada, Nicaragua...

La Cucaracha Report – Guatemala ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡¹

Guatemala was all colour.  We were agog at the tapestries hanging two and three deep on each side of the main street as we arrived in Panajachel.  We spent one day just walking around and looking at all the beautiful crafts.  We bargained for tapestries and later, met a guy heading home to London, Ontario.  [...]

La Cucaracha Report – Mexico ðŸ‡²ðŸ‡½

With a golden handshake from IBM we embark on a four month backpacking trip in Mexico and Central America...with four-year old Leo...mostly amazing